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How can a Local Business Landline help me?


Build credibility with locals

Have you ever avoided calling a company because the area code looks like it's over 200 miles away? Chances are your customers are doing the same. If you're a business that does a lot of work in the same area, the easiest way to build credibility is with a number that looks like a local landline.

Take the office on the road

Want to take office calls while you're out and about? We can set up the local business landline so that it forwards all calls to your mobile phone, leaving you with more time to do what you do best.

No more mobile phone numbers

Today, there's no quicker way to avoid calls than recommending customers call a mobile. You could have the best marketing going, with the best service, but turn your customers off by telling them to call a number starting with "07". We can set up all calls to be forwarded to your mobile phone, so there's no loss of service.

Call security

Ever had a rude customer call? We all get them. With a recorded local business landline, recorded calls can be used to settle disputes, and ensure that your company is giving exceptional customer service.

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