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Cyber Hosting Terms

So that we can effectively provide hosting for you, we have outlined the responsibilities and requirements of our agreement below. These Service Terms are subject to the General Terms and each individual term applied unless agreed otherwise in your contract.

Our service

As your digital marketing partner, we will carry out our services with a high standard of care. You will be assigned an account manager, who will guide you through the following stages of the hosting service.

  1. Requirements
    1. We will contact you to understand your hosting requirements. Here we will gather all of the information required and recommend a hosting package based on your needs
  2. Setup
    1.  Once you are happy with the recommended hosting package, we will take care of setting up your hosting on a third-party platform by creating your hosting environment as well as migrating and deploying your data files.
  3. Assessment
    1.  When we have set up hosting, we will assess the performance and security of your website.

Please note: SearchPoint cannot take responsibility for any detrimental effects or losses as a result of this service or any actions made by you or the platform provider.

Any requested additional work that is outside the contract agreement will be subject to additional charges.

Your responsibilities

For us to deliver our services effectively, there are a few specific requirements for you to consider. These requirements are your responsibility and essential to ensuring we can deliver our services properly. These are:

  1. Contact
    1.  We will need to have one point of contact who will be able to provide relevant access details and technical information.
  2. Access
    1.  To facilitate the delivery of our services, you should provide the required access credentials, including but not limited to: website access details, domain control panel access and server access. A member of our web team will be in touch to confirm these details required.
  3. Compliance
    1.  As part of this agreement, you must comply with the Terms of the hosting platform. The account manager assigned to you will inform you of the relevant terms.


Please note: any failures to meet these requirements may result in additional charges and delays in the delivery of this service.


Our complaints procedure is geared to resolve any client concerns quickly and efficiently. If there are any concerns, email support@searchpointmedia.co.uk, or your Account Manager with your specific complaint and relevant information to back it up. If your complaint is not resolved within 48 hours, it will then be escalated to a senior member of staff. Your relationship with your specialist is essential to making our partnership work, so your point of contact at SearchPoint may be subject to change.


The process for cancelling your contract depends on whether you are outside of or within your agreed trial period. Cancellation can only be completed when you remove yourself from all software provided. Otherwise, this will not be viewed as a request for early cancellation and you will continue to be billed at the full rate.

  1. If you are outside of your trial period
    1. If you would like to cancel your contract outside of the trial period, we would need you to settle the outstanding balance on your account. This outstanding balance would cover payments due for the rest of the contract.
  2. If you are within your trial period
    1. If you would like to cancel your contract within the trial period, this can be done immediately with no notice.


Please note that although the advertising account belongs to you, restricting or cancelling our access to the account or failing to pay due invoices without prior arrangements outside or within the trial period will be viewed as a request for early cancellation. Therefore, we will request the outstanding balance for the remainder of the contract be made in full.

These terms take a client-centric approach to protect both parties in a strong and transparent partnership.